Buy Now Pay Later BNPL Providers Company Profile: Akulaku BNPL

Company Profile: Akulaku BNPL


An emerging trend within the Akulaku group is reflective of the growing buy now pay later market and in particularly the focus on apps. Yet another buy now pay later app company based in Indonesia, this particular service is part of a huge company. To demonstrate the potential, the Akulaku FinTech group has more than 8 million active monthly users, 32 million registered users and has helped settle a staggering 295 million platform transactions. There are also more than 1000 platform partners and 90,000 merchants have used the range of Akulaku services. As consumers become more aware of buy now pay later and other alternative payment methods, cross marketing will become even more critical. With a huge client base, there is no doubt that the Akulaku BNPL app is better positioned than the vast majority of competitors. What next for this FinTech giant?

Company name: Akulaku
Target market: Merchants

Founded: 2016
Founders: Gordon Hu, William LI
Funds raised: $450m

Location: Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Type of company: Private
Status: Active
Contact email:

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