Buy Now Pay Later BNPL Providers Company Profile: Tamara BNPL

Company Profile: Tamara BNPL


While the Tamara BNPL app may be relatively later to the market, founded as recently as 2020, this is a well-funded operation. Located in the FinTech hotbed of Saudi Arabia, the company has already raised $215 million with a unique style of launch. The company launched the most basic of buy now pay later apps, encouraging customers to ask for add-ons and features. This has given the company a huge amount of data, market intelligence and research with ongoing testing and feedback welcomed. With a growing range of retail partners, the Tamara buy now pay later app is available in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Even though the Tamara BNPL app may have been relatively later to the market, it would appear the company has learned from everyone else’s mistakes and effectively given consumers control over future direction. An interesting approach and one we will watch with anticipation!

Company name: Tamara
Target market: Merchants

Founded: 2020
Founders: Abdulmajeed Alsukhan, Abdulmohsen Albabtain, Turki Bin Zarah
Funds raised: $215m

Location: Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
Type of company: Private
Status: Active
Contact email: n/a

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