Buy Now Pay Later BNPL Providers Company Profile: Paidy BNPL

Company Profile: Paidy BNPL


While the Paidy buy now pay later app was already one of the most popular in the world, the acquisition by PayPal has taken the company to a different level. The group has been around since 2008, servicing a huge market in the Far East. This is reflected in the $2.7 billion takeover price which will see PayPal trying to disrupt the buy now pay later app market. As you would expect, the Paidy app uses the latest in cutting-edge technology and future funding by parent company PayPal will strengthen this competitive edge. The introduction of a buy now pay later app into the PayPal portfolio will cut out credit card companies and give the PayPal/ Paidy full control over the flow of consumer funds. While the $2.7 billion takeover price may seem hefty, we can safely assume that PayPal has huge plans for the Paidy buy now pay later service.

Company name: Paidy
Target market: Merchants

Founded: 2008
Founders: Lee Smith, Russell Cummer
Funds raised: $400m

Location: Minato, Chiba, Japan
Type of company: Private (part of PayPal)
Status: Active
Contact email:

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