Buy Now Pay Later BNPL Providers Company Profile: Acima BNPL

Company Profile: Acima BNPL


Situated in the United States, Acima has its origins as a leasing company but has recently moved into the buy now pay later market. This dovetails perfectly with the company’s existing business as it allows customers to stagger payments over a three-month period. While the original leasing business takes on a wide range of different products, the more payment options Acima can offer a customer, the more chance there will buy today and come back in the future. The company has been around since 2013, and while not originally focused on the buy now pay later market we see today, the business concept is very similar. The company works closely with thousands of merchants making purchase options quick and simple, flexible and allowing the customer to remain in control of their finances.

Company name: Acima
Target market: Merchants

Founded: 2013
Founders: Aaron Allred
Funds raised: n/a

Location: Sandy, Utah, United States
Type of company: Private (part of Rent-A-Center)
Status: Active
Contact email:

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